Cementex has published a comprehensive manual and catalog for making molds with natural latex.  It explains how to make the latex mold as well as the fiberglass back up mold.  It contains 108 pages of useful material for the mold-maker.


Introduction 127 KB
History of Latex 48 KB
Making Molds Using Natural Latex 1.88 MB
Using #80, #660, #80 VLA, Cream Latex and Neoflex 95 KB
Making a Fiberglass Mother Mold 1.69 MB
Spanish Translation - Latex Mold 3.43 MB
Spanish Translation - Mother Mold 2.56 MB
Mixing Pourable Concrete 721 KB
Working with Plaster 1.38 MB
Working with L-200 Casting Latex 4.91 MB
Making Molds Using RTV's 2.19 MB
Specialty Products 162 KB