Using HX-200 for making puppets follows some very simple procedures, and not is not really a difficult process.  Depending on how rigid a cast you with to obtain, you vary the amount of HX-Filler with respect to HX-200.

The following combination should serve as a guideline:

  • 1 part HX-200 to 1 part HX-Filler soft
  • 1 part HX-200 to 2 parts HX-Filler medium
  • 1 part HX-200 to 3 parts HX-Filler hard

This can be done either by volume or by weight.

Using pottery plaster or # 1 Art Plaster, make a negative plaster mold. All seams should be water tight. Use modeling clay to close all seams.

Pour the mixed compound into the plaster mold slowly to avoid bubbles. Tilt the mold, if it has any undercuts, to allow the slurry to reach any hidden surfaces.

Depending on the thickness of the cast desired, allow a deposit time of between 10 minutes and one hour. THE HIGHER THE FILLER RATIO-THE SHORTER IS THE DEPOSIT TIME.

Drain the slurry into a container and keep covered for future use.

Allow the mold, with its deposited cast, to dry for several hours. You may hasten the drying time by drying it in a oven at between 10 and 120 degrees F.

There will be about a 5% shrinkage. Please allow for the shrinkage when preparing your model.

The cast must be quite dry before it is removed from the mold.

After you have removed it from the mold, further air or heat drying may be necessary.