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For Immediate Release

Smooth-On, Inc. acquires Holden’s Latex Corp. in New York City

Smooth-On, Inc., based in Macungie, Pennsylvania, announces that it has acquired Holden’s Latex Corp. of New York City as of September 23, 2019.  Founded originally in 1939 as Cementex Company, Inc., the company was acquired by Arthur Gononsky and renamed Cementex Latex Corp. in 1983.  Arthur’s son, Jeffrey Gononsky, rebranded and renamed the company Holden’s Latex in 2009. 

Throughout its distinguished history, Holden’s Latex has excelled at compounding natural latex and today offers several formulations used by artists and industry for applications including reproducing ornamental concrete, stone veneer, cast stone and gypsum elements.  Other applications include specialty coatings, special effects, mask making, puppetry and reproducing sculpture.  Holden’s also offers silicone mold making rubbers as well as zero-gel™ urethane rubbers and resin products for mold making and casting.

Smooth-On Vice President and Owner Clay Western states that, “We have worked with the Gononsky family for over 30 years.  Their reputation in the industry has always been one of quality, integrity and customer service.  There is a synergy between our companies, and we are very excited to add Holden’s Latex products to Smooth-On’s extensive line of other mold making materials”.

Since 1895, Smooth-On’s laboratory has developed hundreds of epoxy, urethane, silicone and other chemical formulations used for a variety of industrial, art related and consumer applications.  This marks Smooth-On’s 32nd acquisition in the last 25 years.

For further information, contact Smooth-On at ‪(610) 252-5800.‬