HX-200, and HX-407 were originally compounded for casting and mask making. But these products have been used by scenic artists to create special effects for the theater industry for many years. The unique properties of pre-vulcanized Natural Latex lends itself to the following uses:


  1. Coating pieces that are sculpted from styrofoam. The latex will shrink around an object and pick up every detail. The sculpted piece may then be spray-painted or finished in any fashion.
  2. When you mix the latex with 2 1/2 parts of HX-Filler, you can insert layers of burlap between coatings to achieve a very hard effect. It is best to use a burlap with a small mesh opening.
  3. By using HX-200/HX-407 and HX-Filler, flexible props may be created.
  4. HX-200/HX-407 may be used to blunt sharp instruments such as spears or knives.
  5. HX-200/HX-407 may also be used to texture garments to give various looks.
  6. Masks for various productions such as horror movies are designed with HX-200/HX-407.
  7. Animation, and animatronics.
  8. These are just several of the major uses of HX-200/HX-407.


Since these latexes are very versatile, you will probably find many more uses.