HX-Stiffening Agent

Liquid Additive To Control Latex Hardness

$6.94 - $129.31
Ship Weight:
15.00 LBS


Formerly 'HX-Filler'.

HOLDEN’S HX-STIFFENING AGENT™ is a one part, low viscosity, pourable liquid that, when mixed into a casting or mask making latex, will increase the stiffness and reduce the flexibility of the cured latex. Varying levels of stiffness can be achieved in proportion to the amount of HX-STIFFENING AGENT™ added. HX-STIFFENING AGENT™ is compatible with HX-200™ Casting Latex, HX-407™ Mask Making Latex and HX-807™ Brushable Casting Latex. These products are used only when casting into a gypsum mold. HX-STIFFENING AGENT™ offers versatility and control when using Holden’s Latex products to make hollow cast objects, puppetry, theatrical scenery, mask making, etc.

By varying the amount of stiffening agent, you can control the flexibility of the final cast:

HX-200/407 HX-Stiffening Agent Flexibility
1 part by weight 0.5 part by weight Very Flexible
1 part by weight 1.0 part by weight Flexible
1 part by weight 1.5 parts by weight Medium Flexibility
1 part by weight 2.5 parts by weight Very Rigid

Use an accurate gram scale when weighing components.

WARNING - Prop. 65