HX-Castor Oil

Oil Based Release For Casting Concrete Into Latex

$57.31 - $229.52
Ship Weight:
11.00 LBS


Castor Oil is an excellent release agent for natural latex molds that are made for pouring cement.  Castor Oil also has a rejuvenating effect upon natural latex and will usually bring it back to its natural consistency after it has been repeatedly used.

Castor Oil is also a release agent between a natural latex mold and a plaster back-up shell.


Make a 10% solution by dissolving one pound of castor oil in nine pounds (approximately one gallon) of alcohol.  Brush or spray into mold.  For a release between the rubber mold and plaster back-up shell, simply wipe it on the back of the rubber mold while on the model.  After the rubber is vulcanized, let the alcohol evaporate and then construct your plaster back-up shell.