HX-974 White Latex

High Viscosity Mold Making Latex

Ship Weight:
2.00 LBS


HX-974 White Brushable Mold Making Latex is a vulcanizable, high viscosity latex made especially for vertical surface applications. With a higher viscosity than HX-80, this product is ideal for making glove molds of 3-dimensional originals and statuary. Brush on between 10 and 20 layers (depending on model) and let rubber cure to a highly elastic, wear resistant mold that captures perfect detail. Molds are suitable for casting plaster, concrete and wax. Applications for HX-974TM White Latex include making molds for making ornamental concrete castings, stone veneer, architectural gypsum ornament and wax castings like candles. NOTE: Latex can be used for limited casting of some resins. The higher the exotherm of the casting material, the quicker the mold will degrade and become unusable.
Mold MaxTM silicone rubbers would be a better choice for production casting of resins.

WARNING - Prop. 65

Allergies: Read label carefully. Do not use this product if you have known allergies to rubber latex. If you're unsure, bring the label to your doctor for their advice. If an allergic reaction occurs, stop use and seek medical help right away.