Casting latex is a rubber that sets up as a result of water being absorbed into the plaster mold.  Without fillers, the casting latex will set up with maximum flexibility.  With the use of fillers, based on clay, varying hardnesses can be achieved. 

HX-200, andHX-407 are prevulcanized casting latexes.  This type of latex is very useful for the production of hollos molded rubber articles, toys, hot-water bottles, rubber balls, imitation pottery, mask, puppet head, and display articles.  They are also very useful for coating polystyrene, texturing, and general special effects for theatre, and movie work.  The creation of flexible props dows not require any elaborate machinery, or expensive metal molds. 

These are ideal prodcuts for small projects, and small studios.

Using HX-200/HX-407 consists of filling a porous plaster mold with either HX-200/HX-407 alone or with a mixture of HX-200/HX-407 and specific amounts of HX-Filler. The plaster mold will absorb part of the water and deposit a wall of gelled HX-200/HX-407 (and/or HX-200/HX-407 and HX-Filler mixture) on the mold surface. The excess HX-200/HX-407 is then poured out and collected for future use. It must be used in plaster. The curing process requires that the water be withdrawn.

The final steps include the partial drying of the deposited rubber, removing the rubber from the mold, and then drying completely in an oven.


Special Features of HX-200/HX-407

1. By varying the amount of HX-Filler and HX-200/HX-407 Latex, a wide range of flexibilities in the final article can be achieved:


  • 1 part HX-200 to 1/2 part HX-Filler - very flexible
  • 1 part HX-200 to 1 part HX-Filler - Flexible
  • 1 part HX-200 to 1 1/2 part HX-Filler - medium flexibility
  • 1 part JX-200 to 2 1/2 part HX-Filler - very hard 


2. Plaster of Paris molds are not expensive to produce, and new designs can be easily made.

3. HX-200 is 62% solids, and based on pre-vulcanized Latex. No vulcanization treatment (post curing) is required.

4. HX-200 has been specifically developed to have the correct stability and viscosity for easy pouring and painting. HX-200 has also been designed to give the proper buildup in a plaster mold.

5. The simplicity of operation enables easy training of operators.