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Miscellaneous Products

  • Gallon of liquid latex hardener

    HX-Filler Liquid Latex Rubber Hardener $25.00

    WARNING - Prop. 65 A hardener for the HX-200, and HX-407 casting and mask making latexes. By varying the amount of Filler and HX-200/HX-407 Latex, a wide range of flexibilities in the final article can be...

  • Gallon of Thickener X

    CEMENTEX Thickener X - Gallon $25.00

    THICKENER X (for use with natural latex)   CEMENTEX Thickener X is specially formulated to stir into natural latex in small amounts to bring about a desired thickness in the latex as it is applied to make...

  • 1 pound of Ceco Powder

    HX-Ceco Powder Thickener $7.00

    Ceco Powder is a filler for natural latex. It is a specialty blend of various powders and surfactants, which, when mixed into natural latex, thickens the coats applied after the first few coats of latex on a mold. It permits...

  • A gallon of castor oil liquid latex release agent for concrete.

    HX-Castor oil $10.00

    Castor oil is an excellent release agent for natural latex molds that are made for pouring cement.  Castor Oil also has a rejuvenating effect upon natural latex and will usually bring it back to its natural consistency...

  • A gallon of natural latex release agent for latex and fiberglass mother mold.

    Flexo Glue $18.00

    A PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) type release used as a release agent between the vulcanized latex mold and the polyester resin used in making the mother mold.  It is water soluble and solvent resistant...